Appealing Amenities That Storage Facilities Should Offer

Appealing Amenities That Storage Facilities Should Offer

Storing personal belongings in a storage unit is not uncommon. People may need a storage unit because they are downsizing or decluttering but are not quite ready to get rid of those things. Combining households could also be a reason that additional storage units austin tx. Each storage facility should be able to provide all customers with a list of amenities offered. Take a closer look at some of the desirable amenities that storage facilities should offer.

Security Cameras

This is probably one of the most important amenities that storage customers will be seeking. A storage facility without security cameras will likely be the last resort. Customers need and want to know they can leave personal belongings in the unit without risk of theft. They also want to feel safe while visiting the facility to load or unload things from the unit. Self Storage Facilities in Baton Rouge have security cameras that record 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Private Access Codes for Customers

This security feature should be offered as an amenity at all storage facilities. When customers rent a unit, they are assigned a personal code or PIN number. That is the number that would be entered on the security pin pad. Entering the number will enable customers to come and go as they please. The system is capable of monitoring all activity. This will ensure that only authorized persons are allowed to enter the property. There are Storage Units in Baton Rouge that offer these amenities to their customers.

Climate Controlled Units

A climate controlled offers the best option for storing personal belongings. Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge that are not climate controlled would not be a good option to store items such as electronics, appliances, clothing, collectible items, wine, wooden furniture, and leather furniture. There are other items that are not good candidates for storage anywhere other than a climate controlled unit. Do some basic research in order to obtain a complete list of items that cannot be stored anywhere that isn't climate controlled.

Self Storage Units should be a place that someone can store their personal belongings in a safe environment. There are other amenities such as perimeter gates, individual door alarms, handcarts for customer use, loading docks, motion activated lighting and more. Choose a storage building that offers ample space, plenty of security and in a convenient location. The amenities are an important factor in helping anyone make the right decision.

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